Recent reads set in Italy – part 2

I love the pure escapism that novels can provide and so I thought I would share some more thoughts on two additional books that I have read, set in Italy.

Two Women in Rome – Elizabeth Buchan

Love a book set in the Eternal City. This one proved to be highly enjoyable. The book flits between the 1970s and diary entries from Nina. Then we come back to the present day through Lottie’s eyes. A newly married expat who works as an archivist. Can Lottie get to the bottom of why Nina was murdered or will she be thwarted in her attempt.

Hotel Portofino – J.P. O’Connell

Hotel Portofino is the newly opened hotel being run by the Ainsworth family. Bella, her husband Cecil; daughter Alice and son Lucian. We also have many other characters. Betty and her son Billy who have emigrated with the Ainsworths from England. Plus Constance joins them and she has matters from her past that she wishes to remain secret.

The first guests make a motley crew. There is Rose and her mother Julia. Julia and Cecil hope to secure an engagement between their two children. There is Lucian’s friend Nish who served with him in the war. Plus the Taylors, although Claudine is not actually Mrs Taylor. Lady Latchmere and her travelling companion and niece Melissa. Plus a tennis player, Plum and his wife Lizzie.

There is signor Danioni, who makes life difficult for the Ainsworths as well.
I really enjoyed reading this book. Although there are many characters, I managed to keep up and follow each of the storylines.