It is a true fact that I really rather enjoy reading what is probably termed ‘self help’ books. Books that are full of inspirational hints.

With the tag line of:

Learning to simplify life, let go and walk the path that’s truly ours

Honestly, how could I refuse the opportunity to read and review this book.

I must admit though, this is the first that I have come across this author. I hadn’t read her blog.

Title: Enough

Author: Jessica Rose Williams

Publication Date: 11th January 2022


Enough is a guide to living a life slowed down. Jessica Rose Williams shares her personal transformation, and shows how you can live an intuitive, minimal life in your own style.

My Thoughts:

Let me begin by saying that I approached the reading of this book with an open mind. It begins with a brief introduction from Williams about her personal life and what led her to question how she was living her life.

It is then divided into three parts:

Part One – Enough Things

Part Two – Enough Space

Part Three – Enough Within

She mentions a lot of her back story and uses it to an effective degree as she has worked on her personal development and headed in the direction of a life where minimalism features.

When we believe we are already enough just for being ourselves we have nothing to prove and nothing to hide. (p248-9)

The above was one of my favourite quotes. In the last third of the book I started highlighting passages.

There’s a lot to reflect on and practical prompts to consider if you are wishing to reevaluate your own life. I am certainly going to ponder and perhaps journal more as a result as I head towards the ideal of ‘considering living’.

Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy.

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