Review – Love & Saffron – Kim Fay

Late last year I saw an invitation on social media to request a review copy of this book and I thought what is not to love, with the tag line of:

A novel of Friendship, Food & Love

Title: Love & Saffron

Author: Kim Fay

Publication Date: 8th February 2022

My Thoughts:

It started with a gift of saffron

In the opening pages the book commences with a fan letter from 27 year old Joan Bergstrom to 59 year old food columnist Imogen Fortier (as well as a gift of saffron). The book is set in the 1960s in the United States and I believed that the letter format and history of the time would provide an interesting back drop.

The world is big, small, and gloriously astonishing all at once! (pg 45)

It is a truly delightful read. I loved being engrossed by the story of these two women as they share their lives via letters and develop a deep friendship.

The book certainly has highs and lows that both of these women experience in their lives. But Fay deals with sensitive issues such as racism with care. Also I loved the way that she describes food in this book.

It was basically devoured in one sitting.