Review – The Language of Food – Annabel Abbs

I was most excited for my request to review a copy of this book on Net Galley to be approved.

Title: The Language of Food

Author: Annabel Abbs

Format: ebook

Release Date: 3rd February 2022


‘A sensual feast of a novel, written with elegance, beauty, charm and skill in a voice that is both lyrical and unique. The Language of Food is an intriguing story with characters that leap off the page and live, but what sets it apart from it’s contemporaries is Abbs’ outstanding prose’ Santa Montefiore

Eliza Acton, despite having never before boiled an egg, became one of the world’s most successful cookery writers, revolutionizing cooking and cookbooks around the world. Her story is fascinating, uplifting and truly inspiring.

Told in alternate voices by the award-winning author of The Joyce Girl, and with recipes that leap to life from the page, The Language of Food by Annabel Abbs is the most thought-provoking and page-turning historical novel you’ll read this year, exploring the enduring struggle for female freedom, the power of female friendship, the creativity and quiet joy of cooking and the poetry of food, all while bringing Eliza Acton out of the archives and back into the public eye.

My Thoughts:

To begin with I wish to comment on how great a format it was to alternate between the two voices of Eliza Acton and Ann Kirby. These are two strong formidable women. They have goals for their lives. They both tell a few little white lies. They also form an unlikely friendship.

Nothing is as nutritious or wholesome as proper food cooked in the kitchen.

Historical fiction is one of my absolute favourite genres and I read this book very quickly as I really wanted to know how the plot was going to unfold. Would Ann tell Eliza the truth about her mother? Will Eliza get married or remain a spinster?

The book concludes with a historical note as well as some of Eliza Acton’s recipes.

I enjoyed this book so much. Devouring it essentially.