What I Read this Month – December 2021

I had a feeling that this month was going to be a lot slower than November, in part because my focus was going to divert away from audiobooks, and focusing on other things.

Although the first book completed was an audiobook.

Books Completed in December 2021

Why She Left – Leah Mercer (audiobook)

The Christmas Swap – Sandy Barker (paperback)

Hotel Portofino – J.P. O’Connell (ebook)

12 Rogues of Christmas – Ebony McKenna – editor. (ebook)

This particular book I have dipped into throughout the year. It is made up of 12 different Christmas themed stories, all romance novellas.

Father Christmas’s Fake Beard – Terry Pratchett (paperback)

The first book that I have ever read by Terry Pratchett, that I found whilst looking for Christmas themed books in the local library. I read it virtually in one sitting and loved it.

Sex and Vanity – Kevin Kwan (paperback)

Kwan’s book was a fun one to finish the year off with as it is a tribute to ‘A Room with a View’.