Review – The Christmas Swap – Sandy Barker

As Christmas draws closer, sometimes I like to see what festive reads are available from the local library.

This is how I came to discover that Sandy Barker’s ‘The Christmas Swap’ was in the system. So I requested it be moved to my closest library so I could read it. That’s a great service that local libraries have – being able to request books from another library.

Plus as an Australian author, Sandy’s book can go towards my books read for The Australian Women Writers Challenge for this year.

My Thoughts:

I liked the premise of this book. 3 long term friends; Chloe, Lucy and Jules coming to the decision to swap for Christmas. So Australian Chloe heads to the UK. Lucy, the British character, heads to the US. Last of all is Jules who heads to Melbourne, Australia.

I thought the book was a great read. I’m a big fan of books that switch around from different perspectives of the main characters. Which is the case with this book.

Some of the little things add to the story as well. Like the fact that Jules goes horse riding and all the horses are named after biscuits!.

For me, it was a perfect choice to read in the lead up to Christmas.