Review – Snowy River Man – Lizzy Chandler

I read this book as part of the Australian Women Writers’ reading challenge in 2016.  Reading is one of my favourite pastimes and it didn’t seem like a hardship to make a more concerted effort to read books by Australian women.  I’ve been stockpiling Australian women writers since 2014!  Some are Kindle books.  Others taunt me from my bookshelves. 

I have started this challenge by reading ‘Snowy River Man’ by Lizzy Chandler.

The last time Katrina Delaney saw Jack Fairley was the morning after a one-night stand, when she discovered he was engaged to be married. Seven years later, she dreams of a missing boy – Jack’s son. Katrina has worked with police to find missing children before, and she knows she must help. But seeing Jack again comes with its own set of dangers, and Katrina fears the risks she is taking with her heart. 

It was a great one to start with.  Nothing like being transported to rural Australia with a bit of romance thrown in.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. There are a couple of plot twists that had me attached to the book.

Any suggestions on a rural Aussie read that I should seek out?