A little bit of Aussie rural romance

In this post I am revisiting two books that I read for the AWW2014 challenge.

Both of the books mentioned in this post were set in rural Australia.

Net Galley have tightened their rules on zones which means that it seems tougher to be able to read some books (as a reviewer) by Australians as an Australian living overseas.  It is a shame because I would have thought there are many Australians who reside outside of Australia (and other nationalities for that matter) who are interested in books by Australians.

I hasten to add that the same is the case here in the UK, which is why I tend now to review mostly books listed by UK publishers (so I do a happy dance when I see Aussie authors listed by UK publishers).

Enough of my rant though.

I jumped at the chance to read and review two rural romances since Random House Australia didn’t have limitations on these books.

The first one I read was ‘Down Outback Roads’ by Alissa Callen.


An enthralling rural love story. Sometimes you need to give yourself permission to fall in love.  Kree Garrett’s younger brother Seth is all the family she has left, so when he goes missing in the Australian outback, she doesn’t think twice about leaving her American home to find him. When Seth is rescued Kree vows to find a way to thank the small town of Glenalla. It isn’t long before she falls in love with the tight-knit rural community. But is it really the town she’s falling for?  Ewan Mackenzie has given up everything for his brother’s family, but he can never give enough to assuage his guilt at what happened one dark night, years ago . . . Ewan knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance at happiness, but when beautiful, open-hearted Kree stays to fight to save his home town, he finds it hard to keep his distance. Can Kree and Ewan leave their pasts behind for long enough to find a future together?

My thoughts:

This was rather enjoyable.  I don’t recall ever reading a romance book like this and I am glad that I did.  The story does not just revolve around Seth who goes missing in the outback or his older sister Kree and her relationship with Ewan.  There is also the death of Ewan’s brother that is dealt with, as well as his widow and two children.  Then there is Ewan’s friend Travis.

A few storylines to follow but quite easy to do so.  Given that I have not read any other romance novels I have nothing to compare it with.  I would recommend it as a light read.

Then there was ‘Bet on It’ by Cheryl Adnams.


A sizzling rural romance set in the McLaren Vale, with a girl who’s ready for a change and the three brothers who are determined to win her over.Gabrielle didn’t believe men like this existed in real life – the three Muller brothers are ridiculously good-looking, and they’re officially her new bosses. She’s in need of a change of scenery, and the Muller’s winery might just be the right place.  Seth Muller isn’t sure it’s a good idea to bet on who can seduce Gabby first, but the new girl working at the winery is too gorgeous to give up to his brothers without a fight. But what happens if he starts to fall for her? Will he lose everything if she finds out what he’s done?

My thoughts:

The premise sounded interesting.  I wondered whether the character of Gabby was going to suffer from too much male attention.  In the end it isn’t just the Muller men who are physically attracted to her.   I did wince at one of the descriptions of her by one of the male characters, but just kept on reading.

I did also like this book a lot.

My aim in reviewing these books was satisfied – I was transported to rural Australia and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Do you like romantic fiction?

Do you like books with happy endings?