Review – Avoiding Mr Right – Anita Heiss

Another book that I enjoyed reading for the AWW2012 Challenge was Anita Heiss’ Avoiding Mr Right as I read it for a second time.  This was the first Anita Heiss book that I read.  I discovered Anita by reading an article about this book in a Sunday newspaper, and I knew that I had to read this book.  With the first reading, I knew that I wanted to read all of her other works.

Avoiding Mr Right by Anita Heiss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book tells the story of Peta, who has accepted a job in Melbourne, although she currently resides in Sydney and has a close-knit group of three friends, but she doesn’t seem too concerned to be leaving them.  She is a career driven lady, with an over possessive boyfriend James, who has already pictured the rest of his life living in domestic bliss with Peta, which she is not too sure about.  She wants to be celibate during her time in Melbourne, which her boyfriend isn’t too sure about.  When she arrives in Melbourne, men just seem to fall at her feet, and she has to try to remain strong and not succumb to temptation.  It proves rather difficult with a certain policeman, Mike.  She also meets some new girlfriends in Melbourne, who help her to enjoy herself, and not miss her Sydney life too much.

I loved the astral travelling parts, where Peta goes to sleep and dreams about being transported in certain places, amongst them are Delphi in Greece, Paris, and New York.  

You will have to read it, to see what happens to all of the characters.  I enjoyed it just as much this time as the last time I read it.