It came to my attention that I had collected some books that are set in Italy and so I thought I would dedicate a post to featuring these most recent books.

Whereabouts – Jhumpa Lahiri

I have wanted to read something by Lahiri for a while so when the opportunity presented itself to read this, I was rather keen.

I must say that I rather devoured this book. It is a poignant description of a woman’s life. I was impressed by the depth of observation that Lahiri uses. Having lived in Italy myself there were many anecdotes that were of interest. In particular one that appealed was her commenting on a stationer’s shop.

Under the Italian Sun – Sue Moorcroft

Moorcroft has crafted a lovely story set mostly in a fictional village in Umbria. But also liked the fact that some of it is set in Brighton. Zia-Lucia unearths some interesting documentation about her family and this encourages her to take a trip to Italy to find out more. She takes her best friend Ursula with her as she is currently undergoing marital difficulties. Throw in Zia’s jealous ex-boyfriend who is constantly trying to win back her affection. It makes for a great read.

The Wolf Den – Elodie Harper

Amara was once a beloved daughter but now she is a slave and works in a brothel in Pompeii owned by a man who doesn’t like being potentially outsmarted. The story follows the highs and lows of Amara and a few other women who work in the brothel. You see generosity by men and also cruelty. It certainly was a harsh world for women of low status.

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