Given that Sally Rooney is going to be releasing a new book later this year I felt it was time to get my skates on and read the book of hers that I purchased a while ago but haven’t read yet. Particularly as it was a winner of the 2018 Costa Novel Award. Plus I also watched the TV adaptation last year too.

As I read the book I envisioned the actors who play the two main characters of Connell and Marianne.

I had a quick look on Good Reads perusing the reviews and there have been lovers and haters of the book.

I guess that as I mention above my reading of this was most definitely coloured by my watching the TV adaptation. However I did rather enjoy the book.

In the beginning we see Connell and Marianne at school. Connell is the popular one with loads of friends and Marianne is a loner. This is why he doesn’t want to tell anyone about their relationship. Then when they leave town to go to university we see a role reversal. Marianne is now the one with the extensive friend circle and Connell keeps to himself.

The book then moves forward in differing time blocks, focusing on either of the characters as their lives process living in Dublin and going to college. I found Marianne a very troubled character. Connell is also troubled but in a different way.

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