This book was one of those books that you want to grab every available moment in order to plough through it and see what happens.

The main premise of the book is an accident involving a family and the repercussions afterwards. But before you find out what this is, the story delves a bit into various family members. There’s gorgeous Mimi with her recently born twin girls, as well as her two older daughters, 8 yr old Tara and 16 yr old Callie. Her husband Pete really wanted the last pregnancy to bring forth a son but that didn’t happen. Pete and his two brothers are all authors of varying genres. Add to this the fact that Mimi illustrates Pete’s work.

Darren has recently broken up with his girlfriend and is having issues with her moving on and choosing her new partner.

Tony and Andrea have no children and Andrea decides to broach the subject with him, as she wants to revisit whether they might have children in the future. He says they will revisit the situation in a few months.

Then there is the matriarch of the family, Jill. Is she the glue that holds her family together. Or are there cracks that threaten to split it apart. She writes letters to her husband Frank even though we find out that he died a year ago.

And what is the mysterious email that Jill receives that she doesn’t want to read and acknowledge it’s contents.

I thought it was a great portrayal of family life and covers many issues that a family can face. I thought it was a cute twist that all the sons of the family have ended up having writing careers with varying levels of success.

I didn’t find it confusing that it flits between the different characters from their perspective and also there is a dual time life to begin with. The fact that you know an accident is going to happen lured me in.

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