This year I have made an effort to include some books written by male authors as I thought there should be more. Even though I am a supporter of books written by women, I think it is important to read male writers as well.

One of the highlights of reading last year was Us by David Nicholls. It had been sitting on my bookshelf for years. It was only after watching the TV adaptation that I decided to prioritise reading it.

As I have been investigating available audiobooks, I was impressed to find Burke & Wills by Peter Fitzsimons. I have only read one of his other books (Ned Kelly), which I found to be highly enjoyable. Burke & Wills did not disappoint either. It was quite a long read, but a worthwhile one, as I feel I don’t know as much about Australian history as perhaps I should.

I have also read a book by Matt Haig. His latest one that is, and it was read rather quickly.

In terms of ebooks, a recent read was The Frequency of Us by Keith Stuart. I have read both of Stuart’s other books so I was keen to read this one.

This tells the story of Will, a wireless engineer who meets Elsa Klein, an Austrian who has fled her country to live with her aunt. They are living together when a bomb in WWII tears their lives apart.

Seventy years later, Will is an elderly man living on his own, when Laura comes into his life. Laura has her own problems and decides to stop taking her anti depressants. Will doesn’t seem to have anyone in his life. He is seen as a nuisance by his neighbours. He shows Laura diary entries that he has made relating to his meeting Elsa and their relationship. But did Elsa really exist.

I loved this story from start to finish. A beautiful book.

How about you, do you read more books by women or men?

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