I only hesitated for a moment when presented with the opportunity of participating in the blog tour for the above mentioned book. My only hesitation was as a result of the fact that it is the 19th book in the series. However, I am a big fan of the Netflix tv series.

So I dived into the book with great gusto.

Title: Return to Virgin River (Virgin River #19)

Author: Robyn Carr

Format: ebook & paperback

Publisher: Mills & Boon

Source: Net Galley & publisher

About the Book:

Struggling with grief after the death of her mother, successful author Kaylee Sloan needs a distraction, to come to terms with life and meet her looming deadline.

With Christmas approaching, Kaylee rents a cabin in Virgin River. She knows the isolation will help her writing and as she drives north through the mountains she immediately feels inspired. Until she arrives at a building that has just gone up in flames. Devastated, she heads to Jack’s Bar to plan her next steps. The local bar is the heart of the town and once she crosses the threshold, she’s surprised to be embraced by people who are more than willing to help a stranger in need.

Welcomed by those in Virgin River, Kaylee starts to see her life in a new light. And as she becomes more involved in the town and the people in it, especially local artist and dog trainer Landry Moore, Kaylee realises she may have found her peace. As Christmas approaches, Kaylee’s dread turns to wonder. Because there’s no better place to mend a broken heart than Virgin River.

My Thoughts:

I am pleased to say that as I read the book, there were several characters mentioned who I recognised immediately as they feature in the tv series. As mentioned above I became aware of Virgin River by discovering the series on Netflix first.

However with this book, it introduces a new character, Kaylee; who decides to spend some time in Virgin River to complete her book that she has had difficulty finishing as a result of the grief she feels from losing her mother.

She had intended to spend the 6 months based in Virgin River at the house of her long time friends, however, this isn’t possible due to a fire. Luckily due to the local grapevine, an alternative is found fairly quickly.

Kaylee becomes Landry’s tenant and they become close quite quickly. I liked the fact that Kaylee faces her fear of dogs as a result of Landry being a dog trainer.

The story focuses on these two characters while interspersing the story with others.

I really enjoyed reading this book and do feel rather tempted to read more books in the series as a result.

Many thanks to the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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