Review – Am I Black Enough for You – Anita Heiss

I have been a fan of Anita Heiss for many years having read about one of her first fiction books in a newspaper when I still lived in Australia.

At the beginning of June 2014, I met her at a festival celebrating the arts, specifically for Australian and New Zealand authors in London. It was on this occasion that I purchased a couple of her books.

I feel bad to say that it has taken me this long to read this specific book, but I am known for book hoarding. My bookshelves are full and I need more space to house the growing collection.

Title: Am I Black Enough for You

Author: Anita Heiss

Format: Paper back

Publisher: Random House Australia

Source: Own copy

My Thoughts:

I really don’t know where to start in summarising my thoughts on this particular book suffice to say I absolutely loved it.

It was lovely to learn more about Heiss’s background. This includes details about her family, her education and her career progression. I read with interest throughout the entire book. There are so many anecdotes that are peppered through the book that make for a captivating read.

One of the things that is spread out over the book is the court case that she was involved in. This was because she was referred to by a journalist in an article about the reasons behind her using her racial background to her advantage. You do get to read about the outcome of the court case as well.

I really like Heiss’s writing style. I’m a big fan of her ‘choc’ lit. This book proved no different as I grabbed any opportunity possible to further my reading of the book and to learn more about Anita in this memoir.

I know that this is a keeper of a book. I look forward to re-reading in the future. It’s a lovely tribute to her family and also to her desire to educate all Australians about the Aboriginal people. I learnt more about my country’s history but feel I should be investigating more about what I don’t know as there are historical episodes mentioned in this book that I don’t recall learning about previously.